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EXIM Chairman Fred Hochberg comments on the significance of Truth for America as a vehicle to reach the trade markets throughout the United States.
U.S. Administrator of the Small Business Administration Karen Mills said,
U.S. Director of National Intelligence John D. Negroponte said,
. . . . .
EXIM Chairman Fred Hochberg comments on the significance of Truth for America as a vehicle to reach the trade markets throughout the United States.
U.S. Administrator of the Small Business Administration Karen Mills said, "We at the SBA are big fans of Truth for America!"
U.S. Director of National Intelligence John D. Negroponte said, "Truth for America is very important to understanding America's role in global trade."

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Conscientious Equity

"Conscientious Equity: An American Entrepreneur's Solution to the World's Greatest Problems" is about the power for positive change in a world driven by commerce and free enterprise. We must look past worn-out political ideologies to find solutions to the destabilizing issues that plague our planet-crippling corruption, poverty, and environmental plunder. But in a larger sense, "Conscientious Equity" is about awareness, understanding, and action. Too often we are consumed by the happenings within our microenvironment and become blind to our roles and responsibilities in a global setting. Through "Conscientious Equity," I address the consequences of the United State's unbalanced approach to trade and how that adversely impacts millions of citizens everywhere.

With this book I share what I learned, through business initiatives in the US and abroad, and educate readers about the dynamics that will foster progress. Beyond awareness of the factors that influence international commerce, and an understanding of what needs to change, a number of deliberate actions are required to allow the entrepreneurial spirit to prosper. I believe the solution is "Conscientious Equity", a bold and unprecedented way of conducting business and a powerful tool for change. "Conscientious" because it is the right thing to do, and "Equity" because we all have ownership in doing the right thing.

I strongly encourage everyone who is passionate and committed to tangible change on a global scale to take the first step toward a balanced economic future and purchase Conscientious Equity: An American Entrepreneur's Solution to the World's Greatest Problems, available November 9th 2010 through Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble and retailers near you.

His Mission: Fair Trade

Neal Asbury, a South Florida entrepreneur and international trader, is a man with a mission.

An unabashed U.S. booster, he wants to carry the mantra of fair and open business and trade practices around the world.

In an international career that has spanned three decades and in which he has logged more than four million miles of travel, Asbury has seen plenty to lead him to the conclusion that the United States can do better — much better — in global commerce.

The world, he said, is clamoring for U.S. products but the United States needs to take a leadership role in promoting a more equitable world trading system, especially in light of the rising power of Asian nations that are laser-focused on economic success linked to international commerce.

Miami Herald Article

My Prediction: US Will Return to Greatness Once Again in 2012
Article by Neal Asbury

As we race toward the November election, you can be sure that President Barack Obama and his disciples will be ticking off his perceived accomplishments in his bid to win re-election. He will attempt to position himself as the tax-cutting, regulation-busting friend of small business. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you listen closely, he will side-step the priorities he failed to accomplish in his three years in office, and won’t accomplish in 2012. They all have one thing in common: They are needed like blood to resuscitate a hemorrhaging economy where flat lining job creation is beyond the hope of recovery anytime soon. Here are the five issues he must address to create jobs but will fail to act on.

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Five Hot Spots That Have Obama Running Scared
Article by Neal Asbury

As this is the week of predictions, I have a prediction of my own. After nearly four years of crushed optimism, I predict that in 2012, America will get back on its feet by getting back to its roots. As a nation, we will rediscover our exceptionalism and stop making excuses for it, or worse, being ashamed by it. We have temporarily lost our way. We have turned our focus away from the heritage of our Democracy; a symbol of strength and fairness once respected around the world. That’s the America that our forefathers set in place, and that’s the America that we need to get back to. The pursuit of happiness codified in our Declaration of Independence is made possible by the existence of our free enterprise system. Our founding fathers guaranteed us the equality of opportunity; they did not guarantee the equality of outcome or income. What you make of yourself and how you invest your time and resources are totally up to the individual. This freedom has been misconstrued by groups that believe they are guaranteed a livelihood through entitlements and give-aways. That’s not what was promised, and it mocks those that work hard and take risk.

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Top Job for US Must Be Re-selling American Exceptionalism
Article by Neal Asbury

The Commerce Department recently released figures that from the start of the 2000s, U.S. multinational corporations added 1.5 million workers to their payrolls in Asia and another 477,500 workers in Latin America (not including Mexico). At the same time, some 864,000 U.S. jobs were cut. From 2000 to 2009, U.S. corporations increased employment in Canada by 1.0 million (up 6 percent); in the U.K. by 1.1 million (up 8 percent); in India by 453,000 (up 642 percent); in Brazil by 505,300 (up 47 percent); in China by 943,900 (up 262 percent; and in Mexico by 904,300 (up 17 percent). Why is it that American companies are excelling at creating jobs, but not for Americans? Does that mean these U.S. corporations aren’t supporting America? Or is it that America isn’t supporting these corporations?

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Our President Should Think Like A CEO
Article by Neal Asbury

The Wall Street Journal recently convened its annual CEO Council. This year, some 100 CEOs gathered and concluded that the nation’s top five priorities are: • create a globally competitive tax system; • immigration policies should support innovation; • improve human capital; • upgrade our energy infrastructure; • invest in R&D. The question that must be asked is: Why doesn’t President Barack Obama and members of Congress come to these same conclusions? The answer is that the country needs to be run by people who understand business. This isn’t the case. If it was, we wouldn’t have some 14 million unemployed Americans. This should be the impetus for demanding that any presidential candidate must have a sound business background. Being a community organizer doesn’t prepare anyone for leading a nation. The results are obvious.

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